• The Pit (1981)

    Jamie (Sammy Snyders) is a precocious 12 year old with a penchant for voyuerism, blackmail, and other anti-social behaviors. After developing a crush on his live in babysitter Sandy (Jeannie Elias), he discovers a pit in the woods full of…   Read article

    The Carrier (1988)

    Jake (Gregory Fortescue) is the town outsider. Living with the guilt of believing that he accidentally set fire to his house and killed his family, he…

    Steve Jobs Movie

    The poster for the new Steve Jobs movie has been unveiled. Here are some other shots of Ashton Kutcher in his role as Jobs along with…

    Exploding Actresses

    Fascinating and disturbing in equal measure, these animated gifs are from the appropriately named tumblr Exploding Actresses. There’s a compilation video too.

    Blood Beat (1982)

    What a gloriously strange film. It recently became available on DVD under a slightly different name. Like Idaho Transfer, most of the cast and crew would…